A collection of tips and guides mainly found through experience and trial and error. Presented here without any particular order or reason, hopefully you find them helpful.


The tips and guides contained on this website contain instructions and recommendations that worked for me and my specific use cases. Every system is different. What worked for me may not work for you. Be certain of the implications of what you are doing and proceed only when you are certain that any level of risk presented has been appropriately vetted.

Many of the systems I work on are in the OT (Operational Technology) space. OT systems interact with physical devices. Mistakes can have consequences in the real world and could hurt people, the environment, and/or your reputation. Please act appropriately.

About Me

Industrial Instrumentation Engineering Technologist by training. I have a wide body of experience in all things related to Instrumentation but have repeatedly been drawn into the automation space where I focus on the design, implementation, operation, and security of all varieties of automation systems.